I was invited to disappear into the wilds of Vermont this weekend with a dear friend, because it is obvious that I am in need of disappearing lately. There is a restlessness that can only be cured by nothingness. I plan on bringing a book, paper, pencils, and an iPod full of inspiration. I think that this might be all I truly need in the universe.

Of course, this is weather permitting, and the quick and dirty storms that have been assaulting the northeast at unexpected times are scheduled to hit when we’re aiming to travel, so I hope for the best. If not, I will turn up the heat and hibernate with the same tools I planned to bring along with me anyhow, and probably watch lots of wonderful and awful movies. I never give enough time to the nothingness – it’s always this intrusive somethingness that pushes its way in, and I graciously make room in the bed for its cold feet and loud snore. But I love it anyhow.


I need to paint more, but my mind is spinning in 3D lately and I can’t get it to calm itself into two dimensions again.

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you just wanted them to go far away?