2010 February 27

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

At this point, we have not had power for 48 hours. (I am posting from a computer at work, where I came to get warm for a little while.)

The snow started falling at around 11AM on Thursday, as I pulled into the Toyota dealership to have my car fixed for the various recalls that were recently placed on it. I read Kafka in the waiting room, because it seemed strangely appropriate. Fortunately, the repairs only took about 90 minutes, as there were many cancellations due to the weather, but by the time I got out, traffic had already slowed to about 20 MPH, and I was near enough to the grocery store for it to be foolish NOT to go before the storm hit in full force.

At first, every power outage is a little fun. It had to strike just as I was cooking dinner, though, so all of the half-cooked meat had to be thrown out, as there was also no refrigeration to be had. I ate pretzels, as we did our best. My niece and I made YouTube videos (to be uploaded when the power returned) to keep her from being afraid of the dark, and I played Colin Hay’s ‘Beautiful World’ on the guitar until she fell asleep. I continually called NYSEG, our local power provider, for updates. Each call seemed to push back the estimated repair time by 6 more hours, or three hours earlier than the time is was now.

All night, trees cracked like gunshots across the valley. You could hear the creak, and you closed your eyes and prayed that it was not going to fall on your house or your car. They are calling it a ‘wet snow’ – the gravity of it all is pulling down the trees, and twisting off branches ferociously, angrily. Each creak, or thud, intensified by the silence of having no power running, jolted me awake.

I went for a walk around the block in the morning, and it was still snowing. Trees were still falling, and a large branch had fallen on my car and caused a significant dent to an area of the roof. Power lines snaked black across the road everywhere, and trees had crashed into our fence and mailboxes, and into cars across the neighborhood, and into the road. It’s the most destructive weather I’ve seen in 30 years.

I pulled back the curtain and put together LEGOs until my hands became too cold to really use anymore, and then I laid in bed and read, and slept, and listened to Belle and Sebastian until I fell in and out of sleep until the nest day came around. I’ve been unable to draw or do much of anything productive, simply because it’s so cold in the house that my hands just become unresponsive. We brought in snow to melt to refill the toilets, and it is not melting.

It is now Saturday, and I came into work just so that I might stay warm, and have running water to wash up in. I ended up working for the 4 hours that we’re open, and it’s still better than being at home, and cold, and feeling this intense uselessness. I cannot function if I am not creating, and to have the time, but no means, feels like monsters clawing at me from the inside.

Not to mention a niece who needs constant entertainment and cannot have a conversation without contradicting every sentence you say. My nerves, as it were, are shot to hell. So, I spent the morning outside lopping off that the town had not gotten to yet and were preventing repairs and plows from coming along. Out beautiful maple tree, the center of our yard, is split in half, and subsequently tore our Japanese maple in half also.

We’re cold and hungry. I hope the power returns soon.

Four of my sketch cards have been discovered.

Gamorrean Guard sold on eBay for $40.

Quarren is currently listed for $150 but not sold yet.

Darth Vader is listed at $10.50 and climbing.

The fourth, Boboicullar, was found by a collector on the Scoundrel Publishing boards.

44 more to go – very exciting. I anxiously await my case from Topps, if only to have a piece of something I was a part of – but there’s been no mail for three or four days here due to the weather.

[Addendum : a fifth card emerges! B'omarr Monk listed on eBay for a starting bid of $99, BIN for $200.]

[And a sixth! Myo is listed at $150.]