Last weekend’s copious rainfall made the brook swell to unlikely proportions, endangering our house, our cars, and our sanity. Fortunately, the stream receded before it could do any serious damage, and fortunately, the temperature was not below freezing, because that much rain would have equaled the death of my town in equivalent volumes of snow.

We’re still recovering from the broken trees, smashed up cars and general chaos that the snow brought. I realized that I took a whole bunch of photographs on the day after the storm, if only to try out my new boots, to get out of the house, to enjoy the tranquility of the being the only person alive after the apocalypse, and to pull some of the larger branches out of the road so that we could be plowed out properly.

A temporary cure for a blackout.

The front yard, oppressed by the weight of the snow.

My new car, experiencing $900 worth of damage. Thanks, nature.

The front fence.

When snow starts to cling to vertical surfaces, you know it means business.

And during the first cold night, we tried to keep busy by vlogging.