I’ve been pretty busy, so the freelance search isn’t as active as it once was, but here’s an exceptional job lead from this week :


10 Entertainment news daily- 100 words each. ($2 per 500 words)

• Excellent English, great command over grammar, perfect sentence structure and punctuation usage.

[This was followed by a very lengthy set of rules and conditions. So... this is a $4 per day job for roughly 2 hours of work. This is a fair measure of the level of respect that is given to professional writing by professional entities.]


I was recently verbally undermined and insulted by an editor at one of my gigs after an article of mine went live. I wrote a perfectly coherent piece about the use of gimmicks in artwork, and whether or not they were effective. (Verdict : sometimes, in certain conditions).

While this particular writing venue is one which really gets off on flame wars and interpersonal conflicts in the comments section, and I do feel the need to defend my perspective, I’ve never really been interested in old fashioned Internet fighting – at least not on a serious, non-comical level. If this is the only way you can make your publication interesting, it says more about you than it does me. I also feel like it’s especially unprofessional to attack one of your employees in a public forum – not because of a job poorly done, but a pure difference in perspective.

The editor in question didn’t really seem to be even completely disagreeing with me – just attempting to start a problem that people could watch, while his views on art were summed up by his own statement that, essentially, art is something you do to pass time until you die. I indicated that our perspectives were so obviously different, based on that statement alone, that I didn’t think I could ever really express my own ideas in a way he’d accept. Of course, this brought on more goading – this time, undermining my credibility as an artist. I didn’t make any statements about how he sounded like an impotent old man – I just declined to make a scene for him, and invited him to send me an e-mail if he’d like to continue the discussion.

Of course, after his rapid-fire responses, I didn’t get an e-mail. I’ve also resolved (based on the advice of an experienced newspaper journalist in a very angry little community) to completely ignore any comments that pop up on anything I write over there. I don’t get paid to be participatory – but at least I get paid.

I will say this, though : just because lots of people like something, it doesn’t automatically become art. The beauty of art is that it completely defies universal appeal, and that people will hate it and love it from whatever perspective their life has given them. I just happen to think that the ‘art’ of the dude who makes things out of Peeps is incredibly stupid and lowest common denominator – not because the idea is poor, but the execution is so simplistic that it’s embarrassing.