The replacement part for the rare 4-digit Williams screen cost $75, but it worked. I knew it wasn’t a power problem when the wires shocked me, though that’s really not the best diagnostic took available. All I could do was buy a replacement part and hope for the best. So, after this test I switched them out and now I can inspect the old one to see if it’s worth a hamfisted repair and possible resell. I have a bunch of fuses and a replacement start button, but what I’d most like to do is clean the playfield, replace the bulbs and fix the busted drop targets – still waiting on those supplies.

Saturday was a parade of disappointing tag sales and getting turned around throughout the Hudson Valley area. I ended up purchasing a Nintendo 64 Star Wars game, as well as a $2 julienne device in celebration of getting the kitchen to myself for two weeks. Beckie hung out overnight & we went to Brian’s housewarming shindig up in Rosendale with a ridiculous armload of burger meat and all were fed well.

After a sleepy Sunday and napping while American Pickers was droning on the TV, we drove to the Pound Ridge farmer’s market, based solely on a two-sentence blurb we stumbled across in the back of the newspaper which read ‘smoked meats’. I ended up buying a jar of peach jam, some smoked pepperoni (which just tastes like really good pepperoni and destroyed my insides), and 3/4 pound of smoked duck. I’ve never had duck before, but this seemed like a good time to try. It was organically raised and the guy seemed nice, so it’s worth a shot. Let’s see if these recipes do anything.

I’m also aspiring to pickle some of the green tomatoes from the garden, though the local A&P failed to provide anything for the experience, so I’ll have to hunt down pickling spices after I get some jars tomorrow from a cute little kitchen shop in Mahopac.

Aside from that, today’s plan involves finishing a comic page, cooking up some duck, and making it through another scary night in a dark house. A potential client found my online portfolio and is interested in having me sculpt some miniatures for them – just waiting on more details. I also snagged a freelance gig wherein I review music, which is a pretty handy portfolio builder.

Say a little prayer that hurricane Earl leaves me alone.