I’m a little obsessed with Christian Weston Chandler.

At first, you feel sorry for him. Then, you realize that his ‘autism’ qualifies him for tons of free government money every month that he squanders on Playstation and porn, he refuses to get a job, and repeatedly does ridiculous things on the internet. So much so that he’s had his own horrific wiki dedicated to him. It’s an endless parade of tragic and hilarious. It’s obvious that he’s not stupid, just amazingly unaware of how the world functions – presumably because he’s never had to really interact with it. This is a guy who has been kicked out of various malls and stores because he sits around with a sign begging for a girlfriend. This is a guy who draws very detailed, disproportionate comics about his own characters having sex.

Today, he is very angry about ‘dang dirty trolls’ on the internet. Cardboard everywhere is terrified.