I work at a library. Our VHS collection is about 2000+ videos strong, because the hill-people of my town ain’t gonna get ridda thar tapey machines no way no how. Granted, the videos don’t go out TOO often, but they still take up an entire wall of our small, cluttered office. An office, by the way, which was one time described as ‘the bad part of Beirut’ in aesthetic. Rusty metal cabinets that don’t really close, live wires leading down to a well covered by a few thin floor tiles, and a defunct oven that functions as a safe really drive that point home.

Anyhow, today, we got a VHS tape back in our interlibrary loan delivery box with a note to the effect of ‘the movie on this tape doesn’t match the label or box’. Of course, this was pretty odd. I investigated.


Someone had actually taken the time to peel the label of our ’800 Leagues Down the Amazon’ VHS off the the video itself, as well as the corresponding circulation barcode, and re-glue them on top of their own ‘West Coast Regionals’ VHS.  They kept our VHS, and because we’re not exactly expecting people to scam us on 75-cent VHS tapes, we didn’t pick up on it until a patron complained. OR – that same patron complained to cover up for the fact that they did this themselves. I’ve seen stranger, more selfish, and idiotic things behind the desk at the library – but this is pretty far up there.