A man came into the library looking for Mein Kampf. Joan informed him that if we have it, it would be in the Biography room, under the name of Hitler. The man skulked into the room and soonafter skulked back, informing her that it was not there. In the meantime, he’d grabbed another book about Hitler and brought it to the desk.

“We can order Mein Kampf book for you, if you’d like”, said Joan.

“No! I know everything there is to know about Hitler! Everything!”, replied the man.

“Well, would you like to take out this book instead?”, said Joan.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess so”, replied the man.

“Would you like us to order Mein Kampf for you?”, asked Joan once again.

“Yeah. You know, it’s the only thing by him that I haven’t read. Opening up a book like that is like opening up a grave. And smelling the rotting, decaying, putrid flesh!”, replied the man euphorically.

Needing to go once horrible sentence further, he concluded, “Some people could masturbate to that!”, turned, and fled the library.