April Annihilus Awesomeness : Day 4 (Easter)

Happy Annihileaster. Enjoy my hastily-done, 2 AM egg.

April Annihilus Awesomeness : Day 3

I call this one ‘Nothing Left To Annihilate’.

Annihilus : 4/2/2010

Some of you may know that I have a small project in which I draw a portrait of a person that I meet every day. While I have not met Mr. Annihilus, I think that this is what he would look like. And say. And krackle.

I had the pleasure of being part of the March Modok Madness blog, and I indeed took part of some of my own Modok Madness. I also bought the first five appearance of MODOK in the comic books.

But I don’t want it to be over. I think that there should be a month dedicated to every Jack Kirby character. I hereby christen April Annihilus Awesomeness. I could have gone with Arnim Zola, but he’s got August. So, I’m going to post a new picture of Annihilus for every day of this month, or otherwise celebrate the character creatively. Here’s a basic interpretation.

Annihilus : 4/1/2010

Since the snowstorm of about a month ago, I feel like we’ve barely had time to recover. It’s been all rain and intense wind, and the ground has been constantly saturated since then, not allowing any more rain waters in. The power flickers, and the sky is rarely anything but white or grey or black. The waters that run along the back yard have not settled back under their banks at all, and they’re constantly trying to creep into our house.

It’s all created a whole lot of uneasiness. It’s a world of increasingly frequent earthquakes, storms, and enormous factors beyond out control. Maybe I just notice them more because they reflect a certain lack of control that I feel I have, and it’s not this giant beast of a world trying to shake us off of its back – but I’m far too small to ever really know what’s going on. I still feel guilty for not taking shorter showers.

I had this dream some months ago, before my sister moved back in, where I was standing in the kitchen with her on some summer day, and it was becoming brighter and brighter outside. I looked up at the sky from the kitchen door as the light burned out the silhouettes of the trees, and became brighter, and that was it. Everything was painlessly over. I’ll feel a whole lot better on December 13, 2012. I’ve always believed that if anything were to happen, aside from some big mathematical thing that zealots have tried to ascribe meaning to, it would be a spiritual realignment away from this whole superficial world. Now, I’m not too sure. I just want the stomachache to go away.

I’m starting on page 6 of Coptopus, Issue #2, and keeping regular updates in our Facebook group. Join up if you like awesome things and/or free things.

The rain should trail off this afternoon, and I don’t think it will be enough to damage anything any more than it already has.

Why mince words? Give me these.

DC Direct’s Batman Museum Quality 1/4 scale Statue

Batman Blammoid

Batman Cosbaby

DC Direct Batman 1/2 scale Bust

Batman Uni-Formz (Classic or Modern)

Am I leaving out any good ones?

I’ve accepted the fact that a largescale Batman Art Trade will never work.

A few years back, I participated in a paperback book swap on the internet. Because I work in a library, I have countless titles available to me on any given day, and I saw an opportunity to do a fun project. At that time, I had designs on an apartment and a better job (none of which panned out), but I wanted art to celebrate said imaginary apartment. I wanted Batman art. So, I offered to send any titles that anyone wanted – all they had to do was send Batman art. It didn’t really matter if they couldn’t draw – it’s the original interpretation that was important. Any size, any shape, any anything.

I sent out 6 books, at a fair cost to myself. I received one Batman drawing in return, and everyone else fell silent.

A few months ago, I tried this again – this time with lots of toys from around my room which I didn’t see any use for anymore. There was some pretty good stuff in there, and it cost a bunch to send out heavy boxes of toy fun. I sent out at least 6 boxes.

I got 2 Batmen back.

This might seem like a 25% success rate, but that’s the equivalent of being able to leave the shoe store with just a heel after you’ve just laid down the cash for a new pair.

Now, I’m not great at keeping up with all of the things I’ve said I’d try to do. There are a handful of tattoos which have hit the back burner (Wazina, Shakti, April), some birthday paintings that are three or four years overdue (the selkie, the artichoke portrait, the black and white thing), and very likely a good number of things that I simply don’t remember – but I have never been paid (or traded) for something that I did not come through on quickly.

My downfall is the fact that I am horribly bitter and broken, but I still retain this weird belief in the goodness of human community and our ability to live up to our promises. Two cheating girlfriends later, I still keep on hoping that people will come through on what they are contracted to do. Especially when Batman is involved.

He would be disappointed in you people.

Perhaps there’s a better community that paperback readers and toy artists on Twitter to share Batman love with, and as soon as I find that level of honesty, I’ll be home.

In 2010, Lego will be releasing a series of blind-boxed minifigures.

Yes, that is a zombie, raygun wielding astronaut, and a robot. Holy crap. When I finally put together Fallingwater, I think that a zombie invasion of the premises is practically inevitable at this point.

I’m on page 4 of Coptopus, and things are going smoothly, creatively. The best part of page 3 (which is a splash page) is the fact that I can leave a big section of it undetailed, as I can slap the title over it later in Photoshop.

These are the things that concern you when you need to crank out 22+ pages – layouts, pencils, inks, lettering, scanning, prepping for the publisher. Economy of time is wonderful – but so is making an artful, complete page.

I’ve also been drawing live on webcam. I wish that I could present a closer, more detailed view, but I’m not exactly sure how Mark Crilley does it over on the YouTubes. I liked him better before he went all manga.

Someone asked me why I don’t just quit my job and crank out more pages, more paintings, more art. It’s something that I ask myself every day. It’s a catch-22 : I can’t do it because the market for ME doesn’t exist enough to support me, and the market doesn’t exist because I don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. I think that maybe, maybe after I pay off 2 of my 3 Trifeca Of Debts (student loans, car, credit card), there’s a window of opportunity there. That’s what selling everything on eBay is for, I suppose.

Anyone want a nearly complete run of Diamond’s 7″ scale Star Trek : TNG & DS9 figures? Oh, how I’d love to have an army of variant Picards running around my place – a Locutus in the kitchen, an ‘All Good Things’ on the TV, a ‘Dress Uniform’ in the bathroom… there are bigger dreams, though.

There will eventually be a place where I can go and exist uninterrupted, make my own mistakes, choose the people who I involve in my life.

For now, join The World of Coptopus on Facebook. Brian & I both update it regularly (so far), and I plan to run contests & community things through there also.

Last weekend’s copious rainfall made the brook swell to unlikely proportions, endangering our house, our cars, and our sanity. Fortunately, the stream receded before it could do any serious damage, and fortunately, the temperature was not below freezing, because that much rain would have equaled the death of my town in equivalent volumes of snow.

We’re still recovering from the broken trees, smashed up cars and general chaos that the snow brought. I realized that I took a whole bunch of photographs on the day after the storm, if only to try out my new boots, to get out of the house, to enjoy the tranquility of the being the only person alive after the apocalypse, and to pull some of the larger branches out of the road so that we could be plowed out properly.

A temporary cure for a blackout.

The front yard, oppressed by the weight of the snow.

My new car, experiencing $900 worth of damage. Thanks, nature.

The front fence.

When snow starts to cling to vertical surfaces, you know it means business.

And during the first cold night, we tried to keep busy by vlogging.

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