It’s been a very long time coming, but I’ve finally been able to start on Coptopus issue #2. I’m worse than Dale Keown, man.

The first issue was a little bit tedious. I approached my first real comic project as something very clinical, something that needed to be perfected. On an intellectual level, I can’t stand seeing a comic artist’s style change as a series progresses – but on a totally practical level, it’s inspiring. Seeing Sam Kieth evolve as he was doing The Maxx was one of the more powerful experiences of my formative period. This time, I’m keeping it really organic – just doing what comes naturally, and I’m enjoying it a lot more, and liking the results.

I’ve also read a lot of really really bad indie comics. I won’t name any, but the recent deliveries have been hideous, and it makes me sad that these people get creative work consistently while I’m kinda stuck spinning my wheels. I have no business sense whatsoever. Come and get me, guys.