masters of the universe

These are things I like this week :

LEGO Fallingwater. Barnes & Noble had it in stock, they were offering free shipping, and I get a discount. I’ve wanted it for a long, long time now. I finally bit the bullet and bought it. One day, when I have a fancy office, this will go on a shelf of its own.

I also love the 3A WWRp robot sets. They’re insanely expensive, the customer service sucks, and they’re hard to get because the info is so sparse and inconsistent, but I still love them.

I also really dig this robot with a giant eyeball for a head, because all robots should have giant eyeball heads.

masters of the universe

- Walmart’s new logo looks alarmingly like a bubble popping, which is strangely apropos given the role of Walmart in the economic collapse that we face. Alternately, were the designers thinking that it looked like an asterisk? Were they implying that Walmart comes with exceptions? There’s something subtly apocalyptic about either connotation. Next time, I suggest that they just use a skull and crossbones. At least that has the connotation of ‘sexy pirates’.


- My spellcheck wanted me to replace ‘Blu-Ray’ with ‘blurry’. I think that’s a pretty good definition of irony.

- If you kill someone with a drill, you can comfortably say that they were bored to death.

- Scareglow. Scareglow is really neat. I have a strange affection for toys depicting skeletons and skulls – which explains my irrational enjoyment of Ghost Rider, aesthetically.