Since the snowstorm of about a month ago, I feel like we’ve barely had time to recover. It’s been all rain and intense wind, and the ground has been constantly saturated since then, not allowing any more rain waters in. The power flickers, and the sky is rarely anything but white or grey or black. The waters that run along the back yard have not settled back under their banks at all, and they’re constantly trying to creep into our house.

It’s all created a whole lot of uneasiness. It’s a world of increasingly frequent earthquakes, storms, and enormous factors beyond out control. Maybe I just notice them more because they reflect a certain lack of control that I feel I have, and it’s not this giant beast of a world trying to shake us off of its back – but I’m far too small to ever really know what’s going on. I still feel guilty for not taking shorter showers.

I had this dream some months ago, before my sister moved back in, where I was standing in the kitchen with her on some summer day, and it was becoming brighter and brighter outside. I looked up at the sky from the kitchen door as the light burned out the silhouettes of the trees, and became brighter, and that was it. Everything was painlessly over. I’ll feel a whole lot better on December 13, 2012. I’ve always believed that if anything were to happen, aside from some big mathematical thing that zealots have tried to ascribe meaning to, it would be a spiritual realignment away from this whole superficial world. Now, I’m not too sure. I just want the stomachache to go away.

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The rain should trail off this afternoon, and I don’t think it will be enough to damage anything any more than it already has.