Command Performance : ongoing ACEO series
June 2006. Ongoing series of ACEOs. [2.5" x 3.5" ea.]
Mixed media on bristol.
$ : SOLD

As started in the Resonant Fish livejournal, I began taking suggestions for ACEOs - in the form of words and phrases from willing participants. After the initial 19 suggestions (one per person per request post), I'll be regularly posting for more suggestions, so keep on watching, and feel free to go back to the older post and contribute.

They are as follows :

from aerynxnyrea, "squid says: ink is liquid like thoughts, actions are solid like words."
from dointhepanic, "nightlight"
from viva_death, "9 out of 10 robots agree..."

from vonandmoggy, "sky full of stars"
from dystempted, "killer pony"
from phlogiston_5, "Dermestid emergency!"


from zanduar, "I will be the pied piper who leads us to hell."
from ezerd, "fly encrusted"
from longaway, "abandoned car wash"


from anonymous, "hero girl"
from aunt eek, "mincemeat pie "
from anonymous, "the dreams of japan"


from lit_with_ink, "pocket lint morals"
from adhesiveslipper , "slippery bins"
from anonymous, "pants on fire"