Studio Robotico - 10 Potential Robot Sketches : ACEO series 9
May 2006. Series of 10 ACEOs. [2.5" x 3.5" ea.]
Watercolour, pen and ink.
$ : PI

While Robot #1 was completed, I plan on making more 3-D, wooden variations on all of these in editions of 5 or more, each slightly different than the last. Some are based on paintings, some are based on what I think I could possibly make out of wood. There's a lot of urban vinyl culture influence, and the handmade charm of things added in, and McFarlane's Dragon clans also.

The actual sculptures stand anywhere from 6" to 12" tall, made entirely from wood and metal (so far). The ideas for different robots are endless, and so far I'm just making numbered prototypes under the name 'Studio Robotico'. Keep watching the site for a new sub-site about these!