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COLLIN DAVID - Putnam Valley, NY

what's the idea behind your dolls?
The many strata of bad ideas. a) the king of bad ideas, who is not entirely responsible for his ways because b) of the squid that controls his brain. Unfortunately, the squid's three hearts are being held captive by c) the ghost king, who is in the thrall of the d) cyclops with a thousand teeth. And at the core of it all, e) colorful insects in a colorless world.

red vines or twizzlers?

what contemporary artists are you inspired by?
Joe Sorren, Dave McKean, Ash Wood.

last piece of art acquired?
A silver age Catwoman drawing by Cully Hamner.

tell the audience what movie/book/album/website/tv show/magazine you love that most people haven't seen/read/heard?
Creating Rem Lezar, the story of how two unloved children have the same dream about a blue haired guy who sings to them in their beds at night, so they create him out of a mannequin and sleep with him in a treehouse and then go looking for the Quixotic Medallion but a pixellated head who just wants to be loved tries to stop them.

how did you get to where you are now?
Paralyzing depression!

favorite place in your town?
The fire escape behind the library.

favorite place in the world?
Driving at 3 AM, anywhere.

i would not be an artist if it were not ______?
the uncontrollable urge.

Done in the style of The Wurst Gallery's 'From Russia with Love' project