"Playing Card Art Project" : August / December 2005
ink / acrylic / watercolor on gessoed playing cards, series of 54
$ : NFS

Part of an online community art project. A potential 54 participants redecorate a deck of playing cards (including the jokers) and the resulting decks are sent to a central location. There, they are rerranged into 54 different decks containing the artworks of the other 53 artists and sent back to the participants. The rules only state that the cards cannot be made thicker than 1/16", and there can be no part of the new design that physically enlarges the card. While the project died after a dozen people signed up, I finished the deck with a lot of little experimental ideas.

May sell these as ACEOs. Many became larger projects or larger paintings. Note : the Ghost King & the ensuing ACEO series, a Ween reference, a tattoo design for an ex-girlfriend, the detailed motorcycle drawing and the bone on red that became a Horseman in a later series, a chac mool, another meat robot, some of the deadly sins, and many other things that relate to more projects. They don't really do anything for me anymore, but I'm glad that I got through 54 cards.