"things seem to come out so horribly wrong, despite my best intentions."
Winter 2004. 5" x 12", ink, watercolour on bristol.
$ : PI

Clearly autobiographical, and a quite a post-mortem spin on the 'love machines' image. Not so much the robot speaking horrible things, but maybe saying things that could be seen as negative. Me, I like cacti and bees.

"love is an ill-prepared attack on a beehive heart."
Winter 2004/2005. 9" x 12", ink, watercolour on bristol.
$ : PI

The series started to evolve into an attempt to understand the mechanics of love when there clearly are none that can be confined. At first, it was just the robot, standing and attacking the unseen. As the situation progressed, it became clear that there was a more immediate danger than the unseen. The heart is a beehive with its own alien hierarchy, and it doesn't like to be disturbed, especially by sword-wielding robots wearing socks.

The robot, despite its metal skin, doesn't end up faring too well. Third image not shown.