"if you really want to"
June 2004. 8 x 9, acrylic, ink and watercolour on bristol.
$ : PI

"Contained herein are the instructions create life... if you really want to. But I don't know why you would."

That's what I was thinking. The leg of a Gundam model (drawn freehand and human, sans the precise ruler), made diseased, or just human and ergo, gross. Imagine handling these fleshy, hairy things, trying to make something bigger and better out of them. Looks like something is bound to go wrong.

I like putting together superhero model kits, and robots, creating the illusion of a small reality in precise paint applications and removing any signs of visible construction, which is the exact opposite of what I do when I'm painting and TRY to reveal the flaws. Much better than people, these kits.