december 2003. stop-motion film.

This is a 2-minute exploration into a more detailed kind of stop-motion animation.

The rooms are made from crates and paper, and the figure is mostly made of old umbrella and piano parts (as well as a paintbrush).

I've shown this to a lot of people, and all of them have a different idea of what it means and who the character is. It took about a week to make, start to finish (after a month of thinking about it), involves more than 1500 photos and was tremendously fun to watch come together. Stop-motion seems to be something that improves greatly with practice, and I think it's evident when comparing this to the 'Sadist and Masochist' project. I never really felt the tedium of it set in, but it did take long expanses of time in a very small studio. I admit to the influences of the Brothers Quay.

As I was filming the last scene, a completely surreal wind kicked up through the valley and was knocking over trees and throwing branches at me for about 15 minutes. Thus... the huge branch.

All shot on a PowerShot A60 digital camera. Movie will load below.