"Sadist & Masochist"
october 2003. stop-motion film.

I have always, always always wanted to do a significant stop motion animation project. Always. And it was always a conflict between what I wanted to do and the technology I had at my disposal. After many years and a lot of ideas, I managed to collect enough tech to create something. No, it's not professional quality, but a Canon Powershot A60, a lime green iMac (equipped with iMovie2) and a rickety tripod enabled me to get a start at it.

That, and a lightbulb, some pins, wire and tape and paper and paint. And a weekend where I could take 400 photos (which amounted to 20 seconds of film) uninterrupted. The limitations of wire and a tripod that was intent on doing what IT wanted are very apparent. The second segment of film is a bit smoother, and shot 2 days later, after a few small things were refined.

The project is to describe 2 different places / states of mind / times. The subject matter that I chose refers back to a sculpture that I did back in early high school... and it was pretty literal, so there could be no arguments. Movie should load below.

This was followed up by the much more polished 'Rooms' a few months later.