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$:PI 6 1/4" x 12 1/4"

Collin David - Putnam Valley, NY

what's the idea behind your piece?
The image is based on a Native American fertility symbol. And the struggle between frames and cephalopods.

what's your favorite thrift/antique/vintage store find?
When it's not old vinyl, it's THIS CRAZY RED SHIRT OF REDNESS.

what contemporary artists are you inspired by?
Oren Bloedow, Clowes, Ware. Batman.

last piece of art acquired?
A drawing of the Batman Returns-era Catwoman by Quinton Hoover, who took 18 months to send it.

tell the audience what movie, book, album, website, tv show, and magazine you love that most people haven't seen/read/heard?
Movie: The American Astronaut. B&W space cowboy musical retro-magic genius.
Book: Tarnsman of Gor by John Norman. Really ridiculously generic semi-sexual male warrior fantasy paperback.
Album: Samsara by Tom Maxwell & simonBASIC by Barcelona.
Website: All Nerd Review [self promotion!]
TV show: There's TV shows that people haven't heard of? ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, dammit. Bring it back.
Magazine: Juxtapoz, though it's not really that secret.

schooled or self taught artist?

Became a master at sneaking out of class to teach myself.

favorite place in your town?
I'm sure that at least ONE of the 15 square feet of my town is nice.

favorite place in the world?

any advice you can pass onto aspiring artists/designers?
Everything is an inspiration, if you treat it right.

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