Studio Robotico makes robots.

All of the robots featured here are the work of Collin David, illustrator and all-around creative guy. They're mostly made of wood and metals and found materials, with a liberal helping of dollar store goodness. Most of the robots and robot related items here are available for purchase, and all available goods will be located in the SHOP section. For a look at all past, present and future items, check out the ROBOT GALLERY.

Studio Robotico gladly accepts commissions on robot items, both similar and dissimilar to existing works, and to the buyer's general specifications. Please contact Mr. David if you're interested in something. We're quite open to suggestions and business propositions. He can be reached at cdavid [at] resonantfish [dot] com. Please pardon the strange eMail formatting - not all robots are good. Sketches will be done for free, 50% of total cost will be required upon start of construction and 50% at completion, before delivery of item. Should the item not be completed within 4 months, a full refund will be given if desired.

All Studio Robotico robots come with a free one-time repair service. We understand the fragile nature of the unique, one-of-a-kind art toy, so if anything happens to yours, mail it on back and the original artist will do his best to fix the 'bot up. Said repairs might slightly alter the robot, but not in any significantly aesthetic way. If you need repairs beyond the first one, be more careful dammit. Also, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do for you.

We hope that you dig what you see here in Studio Robotico, and if you like what you see here, check out Resonant Fish on the way out. Also, MySpace us, if you please! We crave social networking.

Stay tuned for Gummi-Bots & all kinds of free adventures.



All Studio Robotico robots are handcrafted with loving care by Mr. Collin David, a derelict pirate from 200 years in the future. Finding himself stuck in the 21st century, he has dedicated his time to cataloguing his future-knowledge for current generations. Because of various time travel paradoxes, for each bit of information that he gives to the 21st century advances said information an additional 200 years in the mind of his future-self, replacing the pace of previous advancements and putting the ramifications of that information 400 years ahead of its time. Rinse and repeat. These robots are his message to the past's future, and the future's past's past future. It's really very complicated.

All images & text contained herein are COPYRIGHT 2006 C. David, Studio Robotico & Resonant Fish Design, unless othgerwise noted. Please ask permission for things. I don't eat your potato chips, do I?